How to Visit the Palace and Park of Versailles, France


When it comes to 17th-century French art, Versailles has always been one of the time’s greatest achievements. Louis XIV commissioned its construction in 1661 from Andre Le Notre, asking him to provide the layout and design to these intricate grounds. This project took a fair amount of time to complete, but when it was over, this French masterpiece would start its journey through history and become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second most visited tourist destination in France.

Brief History of the Site  

When the Palace of Versailles first came into being, it served as the residence for French kings from the times of Louis XIV all the way to Louis XVI. Through the years, the sculpture was embellished by various generations of architects, decorators, sculptors, and landscape architects. Its aspect was influenced by many of the European grand gardens. The purpose was for it to be the ultimate model for style and taste.Some of France’s finest artists of the time worked together to design every fountain and every statue. They all had to submit the projects to Louis XIV so that he could give his approval. Thousands of workers were hired to assist in its construction, one that would last over four decades. The final result was something that aristocrats everywhere would enjoy, and the detailed architecture is one of the reasons why it was declared a world heritage site.

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How to Get There

Versailles is 16 km away from Paris, and it can be easily reached by car, bus, taxi, or train. There is parking available on the premises if you travel by car. The RER C line connects central Paris with the Versailles Rive Gauche station – which is a 10-minute walking distance from the palace. Trains also stop a short distance from the palace, and you’ll only have to walk around 20 minutes from the station. However, if you decide that you do not want to go on foot, there is a bus that can help you reach the palace in just a few minutes.

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Things to Do in Versailles and its Gardens

The first thing you should do to soak in all of Versailles is focus on the astonishing art. The building is amazing, clad with detailed architectural touches, but the parks are also a masterpiece in their own. There are also a few restaurants serving French cuisine, both contemporary and traditional dishes that were passed down from generation to generation. You will certainly feel like royalty when visiting the palace.

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