How to Visit the Historic Centre of Sighişoara, Romania

Historic Center of Sighişoara

Located in Mureș County, in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, the Historic Center of Sighişoara looks today much as it did 500 years ago. This perfectly preserved medieval town with its nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A visit to Historic Center of Sighişoara is like stepping back in time. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, here are some things that you will want to know.

Brief History

The Historic Center of Sighişoara is found in the heart of Sighişoara town – and it has been there since the 12th century when the Saxons first settled here. This place – that is actually an inhabited citadel – received World Heritage status from UNESCO, keeping the magic of the “old town” alive for everyone to enjoy. Sighişoara is the birthplace of Vlad “Dracul” the Impaler (or Vlad Țepeș in Romanian), which is also popularly known as the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s fictional creation, Count Dracula. It is also the place that hosts a medieval festival every year – an amazing event where you get to drink craft blends, watch stage plays, and listen to rock music.

Historic Center of Sighişoara
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How to Get There

Getting to the Historic Center of Sighişoara is quite easy. If you are traveling there by plane, the closest airport is found in Recea, Târgu Mureș (around 30 miles away), or in Sibiu (54 miles away). From that point on, you can take the train that will drop you straight at the Sighişoara train station. Make sure that you check the schedule, as each train will leave at several times throughout the day. You may visit the CFR (Căile Ferate Române) website, the Romanian state railway carrier, which will provide an exact schedule of arrivals and departures. Once in Sighişoara, you can take the bus or a cab to one of the churches or towers. However, most people recommend that you just start walking instead, as Sighişoara has many historical gems that you can discover by starting your tour right then. With so many cultural and architectural treasures around every turn, it is no wonder that it became a World Heritage site.

Things to Do when Visiting the Historic Center of Sighişoara

There is no shortage of attractions you can do or see in the Historic Center of Sighişoara. Begin by letting yourself step back in time and be enchanted by the magical mix of winding cobbled alleys, steep stairways, secluded squares, towers, turrets and preserved citadel.  The first thing on your list should be  visiting the Torre do Relogio on Strada Turnului (or Tower Street), where you can see the entire center from a high point. The Covered Stairway that protected schoolchildren and churchgoers during wintertime is an interesting piece of medieval architecture. The Church on the Hill with its 500-year-old frescoes, the 13th century Venetian House and Church of the Dominican Monastery are definitely not to be missed.  Continue on with any one of the many beautiful churches as well as various buildings dedicated to Vlad Dracul. There are also several historical museums that you can visit, such as the Arts and Crafts Museum or the History Museum. Moreover, there are many charming restaurants where you can eat local food with prices that are very competitive.

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