Here’s What to Wear on a Long Flight

Airplane passenger
When it comes to traveling, there’s a mountain of factors to consider. From picking a suitable destination and the items to pack in your bags to tying up all those loose ends. It can be hectic. If you set out for a far away destination what you wear on a long flight can set the vibe for your whole trip. When coming up with that travel outfit, comfort should be the top priority.  Everything, from the shoes you wear to the top you choose will contribute to how enjoyable your long flight will be. To give you a little help in choosing the best travel outfit, we’ve compiled a list of essentials.


The biggest advantage of a cardigan is its versatility. The temperatures on a plane tend to vary, from chilly to warm. However, after the plane is in the air it can be chilly to downright cold.
 A cardigan is something you can easily remove when it gets warm, or put it on again when it gets cold.  Moreover, you can even roll it up and use it as a pillow or drape it over your legs like a little blanket.

Check out these options:

Scarf or pashmina

To get the most out of this accessory, make sure it’s a big one.Save space in your carry-on and look stylish at the same time by wearing it around your neck when you go through security.
Beyond just looking good these accessories serve a multitude of purposes. They can help keep you warm during long chilly flights, or you can roll them up and use them as a pillow. Here’s a bonus too: you can avoid the questionable cleanliness of that airplane blanket and use your own scarf or pashmina instead.

Check out these options:

Compression Socks

Sure, socks help keep you warm during long cold flights but studies show that socks, specifically compression socks, do more than that. Compression socks help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is because the below-knee stockings apply gentle pressure to the ankle to help blood flow.

Check out these options:

Loose Fitting Top

When it comes to your T-shirt or top, you want to go with a loose fitting or baggy one. Avoid dress shirts as the collar can prevent getting comfortable and falling asleep. The idea is to maintain comfort. So try your best to stick to it.

Check out these options:

Loose Fitting Shoes

As long as I have socks with me to keep my feet warm I usually take my shoes off during long flights.  Finding the right shoes are more about getting through airport security on your way in, walking around during layovers and finally, after the flight is over, the walking required to get settled into your lodging. I opt for comfortable sneakers.

Check out these options:

Pants That Are Loose

The last thing you want is to wear something constricting on a long flight. These garments will make the flight that much harder and uncomfortable. Instead of tight jeans, opt for loose fitting pants. I personally love palazzo pants and activewear. I tend to go back and forth between the two. Both items are stylish and comfortable.

Check out these options:

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